The following terms & conditions relate to the organisation ‘Clanrye Electrical Supplies Ltd’ and any of its associated brands to include: and

These terms and conditions set out the parameters of a contract that exists between you the ‘customer’ and us the ‘retailer.’  Through your use of our website you consent to these terms and conditions and our privacy policy. If you do not agree to these terms you may not use this site. We reserve the right, at any time, to modify, alter, or update these Terms of Use from time to time. By accepting our terms of use, you agree to be bound by such modifications, alterations, or updates. This contract supersedes all other documentation regarding sales or products that we send you unless we express exceptions through writing.



All Site design, text, graphics, and the selection and arrangement thereof are Copyright protected by Clanrye Electrical Supplies Ltd, all rights reserved. Permission is granted to you to copy electronically and to print in hard copy portions of this Site for the sole purpose of using this Site as an information and shopping resource.


Limitation of Liability

  1. In no event shall Clanrye Electrical Supplies Ltd or its officers, directors, employees, agents, successors, subsidiaries, distributors, affiliates or third parties providing information of this site or via other associated channels including but not limited to phone and email, be liable to any user of the site or any other person or entity for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, punitive, consequential or exemplary damages.

  2. We cannot be held liable for delays incurred between the time of dispatch and the time of delivery and we recommend that you do not book your contractor until you have received the product and are satisfied that it is suitable to your needs.  We cannot be held responsible for any loss from pre-booked installations.  Any electrician you hire should be fully trained and capable of installing the specific product that you have purchased.  We are not liable if the electrician makes a fault when installing a product sold to you by us. We will also not accept liability for damages communicated to us during or after installation as these will be deemed as an installation fault.

  3. Our maximum liability is limited to the contract price; whether in contract or in tort, for any damage or loss whatsoever, including all direct, indirect or consequential loss.



  1. We maintain that all products are of sound craftsmanship and quality in both materials and build, allowing for reasonable variations in strength, weight, colour, width and shade. You may see a variation in colour depending on the properties of the screen you are browsing from and should understand this is outside of our control.  Should we send you a sample, that sample is not the final product and may vary from the final product.  Samples are only given to show the quality of the product, not how the final product will appear or work.  The descriptions and images included on this website are accurate according to us and seek to truthfully and correctly represent the product you are viewing or purchasing.  Any deviation from these descriptions is the readers own and we cannot take responsibility should you believe the item is not as described yourself.
  2. You have the right to complain to us about any product or service that we provide.  We will respect any complaint and follow up accordingly but also reserve the right to disagree. 


Ordering and Acceptance

  1. All prices on this website include a TAX/VAT/GST liability in accordance with UK law and that of the country in which the goods have been delivered. Delivery charges may apply on the fulfilment of your order and these will be presented for your consideration and acceptance at the time of checkout. You have the right to refuse purchase after you see the delivery charge, but this must be done before you complete your payment.  While all prices on our website appear correct, there are rare occasions when pricing errors are made.  Should this happen we will contact you directly, giving you the option of reconfirming at the new price, or cancelling the order completely with a full refund. 
  2. It is your responsibility as the customer to provide us with accurate and sufficient contact details to allow us and our third-party couriers to fulfil your order.
  3. Discount codes are not valid with 'sale' items or when used in conjunction with another code or offer. In addition, some discount codes are limited to one use per customer.
  4. No contract for the sale of any product will subsist between you the customer and we the retailer until the order has been physically dispatched. We will confirm that your order has been dispatched by a confirmation email. This dispatch confirmation e-mail amounts to acceptance of the order by us the retailer of your offer to buy goods. Your Card (or PayPal Account) will be debited at the time of placing the order.
  5. You have the statutory right to cancel your order up to 14 days from date of order excluding bespoke or made to order / special order items which we unfortunately cannot cancel. In some cases, we may process a cancellation on bespoke or made to order items, but a minimum 50% deduction will apply.
  6. If you decide to cancel your order while in transit, we are unfortunately unable to stop delivery however you may return the order to us for refund under our normal return terms and conditions. Your order is deemed as ‘in transit’ when the status on your order is set as ‘awaiting dispatch’ or ‘order dispatched’. 
  7. Should we be unable to deliver your goods within the originally stated time due to events beyond our control or if there is a delay in giving you a delivery date, we will endeavour to contact you as soon as possible and give you a new date within a reasonable amount of time.  If this new date is unacceptable to you, you have the right to cancel your order.



Items contained in this section of our terms and condition should be used in conjunction with those of the page solely dedicated to Delivery.

  1. 'Delivery' refers to the process of sending you a product that you have requested and paid for from us. The dates of delivery will be stipulated as an estimate by us the retailer and include the time from dispatch to your receipt of the item at your requested address.  Safe delivery of the product is our responsibility and you have the right to reject or return an item should it be broken during this process. 
  2. When the product arrives at your selected delivery address you must accept the delivery, or you will still be charged the originally agreed price of sale.  If for whatever reason delivery has been refused (example: no longer want it or failed import) and the item returned to us, we will in goodwill accept the ‘bounced consignment’ but a 20% deduction will be applied to the refund covering expenses incurred. The exception to this is where an item has arrived (and been verified) as damaged where we encourage you to reject the item and promptly notify us so that we may issue a replacement.  
  3. If an item arrives damaged, you have up to 10 days (from receipt of order) to report the damage via email/writing after which time we cannot accept liability as any such damages could be result of poor storage and/or installation. We reserve the right to offer a replacement or repair on any item that arrives damaged.
  4. In the case of a lost or stolen item you should appeal to the company in charge of delivery and their compensation terms.  If you need more information on this, please get in touch.
  5. In the case that we cannot deliver your parcel for reason of inaccessible address, incomplete address, unlocatable address or incomplete contact details we may contact you to re-confirm your delivery address. If the courier is still unable to deliver your parcel after 3 attempts, it will be returned to us. In these cases, we will impose a charge for the re-delivery of your parcel. If you have changed your mind, we can refund the order but will deduct the cost of the procured delivery service with a minimum amount of 20.00 points of the currency in which the order was processed.
  6. If when in transit, you (the customer) requests the consignment be diverted to a new delivery address our obligation for safe delivery completes and the liability falls solely on you under Incoterms 2010 CIF Model. We therefore strongly urge that customers do not make alternative delivery arrangements whilst an item is in transit. This includes a change of delivery date and/or specified safe place.



Items contained in this section of our terms and condition should be used in conjunction with those of the page solely dedicated to Returns.

  1. Once you have received the product it becomes your responsibility.  If it breaks once it is under your responsibility, we cannot provide a refund or return. This does not affect your statutory rights under a product deemed as ‘faulty’ however it must be professionally demonstrated (by independent body) that the fault was present at the time of receipt.
  2. If within 30 days from receipt, a product is found to be faulty, you should notify us immediately where we will offer repair or replacement for the faulty item. Within this period, you are entitled to a refund in lieu of repair or replacement should you request same. If after 30 days of receipt, a product is found to be faulty you should notify us of the fault accompanied by an independent professional test report. If you cannot provide this, you may return the item to us (at your cost) for testing and subsequent repair or replacement as required.
  3. If an item returned for testing produces a positive result (faulty) we will repair or replace the product unless there is clear evidence that the fault is related to user error/fault. Items that produce a negative result (not faulty) will be charged at £10 per test + £5 for repackaging + Cost of re-delivery.
  4. It is our statutory right to offer repair or replacement any faulty or damaged product reported after 30 days from receipt of the product. If you wish to receive a refund instead this will be treated as a ‘return outside standard return period’
  5. Unless otherwise stated on this website the return period to receive your statutory refund will be 30 days from date of receipt. Returns received outside this time frame will not be permitted however should we come into possession of such a return we will as a goodwill gesture permit the return as non-standard where  a deduction of 50% will be applied with the refund amount added to your E-Wallet.
  6. We reserve the right to refuse return on sale items and items made to order and this is portrayed throughout the site.
  7. Items should be returned to us at your cost and in full original packaging free from damage to both the packaging and product and with all accessories included within. If an item is returned in soiled/damaged packaging, we may refuse the return else impose a repackaging fee of £10 per carton if this is a viable option. If an item is returned without its packaging, we must refuse the return similarly if an item is returned with missing components, we must refuse the return deeming both cases as ‘not fit for resale’.
  8. We are not liable for the collection of goods approved for return under our terms and conditions of return however we can assist you upon request and will deduct the value of any booked service from your refund.
  9. Where an order has been partially returned for refund in which a discount code had been applied at the time of checkout, the full discount value will be deducted from refund due rather than on a proportionate scale.
  10. We will not be held responsible for further damages incurred to an item deemed as 'faulty' during its return transit to us, it is solely the customers responsibility to ensure the item arrives back in the condition it was reported to be received. This allows us the chance to rectify any issues or refurbish the product for resale under ‘REFURBISH’ status. Additional damages occurred during return may affect your refund/replacement.
  11. In most cases your refund will take 2-3 days to process the consignment and 2 days for the refund to hit your bank however international cards/banks may take longer.
  12. In regards to Returns/Faults/Damages of Mirror/Glass products where a refund has been requested (and agreed to by us) in substitute for a replacement, any delivery charges charged on the sale are not liable for refund as these charges are for specialist handling services.



Our Website

  1. All information on this website and all the products contained here are represented truthfully and correctly according to us.  If you disagree you are welcome to get in contact but we maintain that we are under no obligation to change this information.  You are free to seek more information from other sources on the products we sell but we do not have to include this information on our own website.
  2. Appropriate use, including caching of pages of this site is free, but inappropriate or unlawful use of this site could result in criminal charges being brought forward against the perpetrator.  This includes downloading, modifying or falsely representing our website and company.  You may only link back to this website and our products where you are not falsifying information or in a context that could be damaging to our reputation as a business.
  3. We own all content on this website and reserve the right to change, update and remove any of it at any time.
  4. This website cannot be placed within the frame-set of any other website.



  1. If we do not enforce or uphold any part of this contract at any time this is not to be considered a waiver of this contract.
  2. This contract is to be upheld and enforced according to the laws of the UK, as they apply in Northern Ireland. Your use of our website is consent to appeal to these laws and only these laws should the need arise. Any legal disputes arising through the use of the site will be solely dealt with on the territory of Northern Ireland and if required in an Northern Ireland Court without exception. The Courts Northern Ireland has exclusive Jurisdiction. 
  3. We reserve the right to decline discussing a customer’s order with any third-party organisation.
  4. All products displayed on our site have been manufactured and tested to CE standard, some Insurance underwriters may specify specific testing standards and we recommend you consult your Insurance provider prior to purchase.
  5. Technical advice may be sought by customers to a third party but will not be considered by ideas4lighting in dealing with any order or product related queries/issues. Ultimately ideas4lighting will be the only valid technical adviser on any products/services sold through this site.


If you need more information regarding these terms and conditions, then please write to us at: Clanrye Electrical Supplies Ltd, 11 Upper Edward Street, Newry, Co. Down, BT35 6AX.




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